Don Pedro Lake Boat Rentals

Don Pedro Lake

Don Pedro Lake is a stunning lake located in north central California just east of San Jose and San Francisco.  This beautiful lake has terrific skiing, hiking, camping, swimming, and more recreational activities.  This is a nice sized lake with over 13,000 surface acres and 160 miles of shoreline.

Renting a boat can be an excellent way to explore Don Pedro Lake.  Below are the boat rental companies that we know of on the lake.


Boat Rentals

Lake Don Pedro Marina

Lake Don Pedro Marina rents houseboats, fishing boats, deck boats, pontoon boats, and personal watercraft.

11500 Bonds Flat Road
La Grange California 95329-9444

Phone:  (209) 852-2369


Moccasin Point Marina

Moccasin Point rents fishing boats, ski boats, deck boats, and personal watercraft.

11405 Jacksonville Road
Jamestown California 95327-9587

Phone:  (209) 989-2206