What To Look For

What to look for when renting a boat

When renting a boat there are several things that you can do before renting to make sure the boat rental company you are working with is reputable.

1.  Do they have a good website?  You can tell a lot about a business just from the website they use.  Does it look professional?  Is there contact information on the website with a phone number and address?  Those kinds of things are things reputable businesses do.

2.  Ask the boat rental company  how long they have been in business.

3.  Ask the boat rental company if their insurance on the vessel is current.

4.  Every boat rental should come with a review of the boat before you take it out with both you and a boat rental company representative.  This review helps prevent disagreements over any damage on the boat.  During the review, make sure to see if the boat looks well maintained.  Is the boat clean?  Is there rust on the engine and other parts of the boat?  How new does the boat look?

5.  Always make sure the proper safety equipment is on board.  Are there enough life vests for everyone on board?  Is there a fire extinguisher, horn, throw-able life preserver, and a first aid kit on board?

6.  Get a map of the lake that you’ll be out on.  Typically if you are renting in a marina, they will have maps available in this ship store.

7.  Most of all, have fun and be safe. Always wear a life vest when you are in the water. Children 13 and under should have a life vest on at all times even when on the boat and it is not moving.